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Aaron Snyder, January 20 2021

Having trouble completing your marine engineering or design task?

CUIS can help you complete your challenging underwater projects with ease.

Canadian Underwater Inspection Services Ltd has launched new commercial diving inspection services for underwater projects in Ontario. The company offers ROV inspections, HD underwater inspections, bathymetric surveys, side-scan sonar, and more.

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The newly launched services aim to provide tailored underwater inspections, construction, and maintenance performed by experienced divers.

Commercial diving inspections may be required for engineering projects or tasks such as underwater welding, waste cleanup, marine salvage, ship husbandry, construction, and inspection. Certified inspection divers can provide clients with accurate, detailed reports, as well as photos and videos, that display their findings and progress.

Canadian Underwater Inspection Services utilizes its professional diving team to complete a number of challenging underwater tasks. The company’s commercial divers’ unique problem-solving skills allow them to efficiently carry out even the most difficult marine projects.

CUIS’s dive team is equipped with the latest, most advanced underwater inspection technologies to support their clients’ needs. The company’s HD video allows for real-time depth monitoring while simultaneously recording and displaying the events to the above water staff.

Combined with other data collection methods, CUIS’s HD video recordings allow clients to confidently make decisions regarding their underwater projects.

When project locations are too dangerous or unreachable for divers, the underwater inspection company’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) offer a versatile alternative. Clients can contact CUIS for access to ROVs in a variety of sizes, configurations, and capabilities.

With over six years of bathymetric surveying experience, Canadian Underwater Inspection Services can also supply a multitude of sonar solutions. Sonar, which can be used for mapping or to aid divers and ROVs, is crucial for hydraulic modelling of underwater structures.

CUIS’s collection of navigation technologies include single beam, multi-beam, side-scan, and scanning sonar.

A spokesperson for the company said: “One of the challenges for designing and engineering projects that are in, around, and underwater is determining what is actuality below the waterline. Our experience in underwater surveys and inspections can help you see through the water so that you have the information you need to execute your projects.”

Get access to the most advanced underwater solutions today -- call Canadian Underwater Inspection Services at 613-885-3369!

You can find out more at the link above!

Having trouble completing your marine engineering or design task? Canadian Underwater Inspection Service's team of professional divers can complete even the most difficult underwater projects!

Written by

Aaron Snyder