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Technological advancements in sonar and computing power are always pushing the edge of what is possible. Sonar has a wide range of uses, from mapping the unknown to aiding ROVs and divers in zero visibility. It is essential for hydraulic modelling and creating point clouds of underwater structures. With over six years of experience in bathymetric surveying across Canada, we will find the right solution for your underwater needs. Call us today!

Single Beam

Single beam sounders provide a cost-effective way to obtain accurate data. It is excellent for creating profiles as well as low-density surveys and is very useful in shallow water.

Multi Beam

When detailed scans of large areas are required, multi-beam sounders can create high-density point clouds which have a multitude of uses.


If you are looking for a target or want to inspect underwater structures, side-scan 'sees' through the waves by casting shadows of underwater objects.

Scanning Sonar

Scanning sonar is one of the best tools used for inspecting underwater structures because of its' ability to scan vertically. The structures can later be analyzed using the point clouds derived from the scans.

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